Your Marriage Checkup in 3 Questions

Consider these three questions to check the health of your marriage. 

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By Adelai Brown

Is your Marriage growing?

Many couples come into marriage expecting to be enhanced, excited, and upgraded. Truth is, you are responsible for ensuring your marriage grows. Consider these questions about the health of your marriage. 

Are you and your spouse communicating?       Like a plant, your marriage must be nurtured and pruned. Communication waters, nurtures and prunes your relationship.Talking, couples therapy, and journaling are just a few ways to connect with your spouse. 

Are you learning new things about one another?

Many couples devote excessive time into family and work while neglecting intentional time with one another. Quality, alone time getting to know God, and one another, nurtures a marriage and provides stability for health and growth. 

Are you making love?

Spouses often complain about inadequate intimacy and love making in the marriage. Biblically, making love is a spiritual, emotional, and physical way for couples to feed their marriage. There are often many factors that need to be nurtured and pruned for joy and  consistency in love making, however, it’s worth the work necessary to see your marriage thrive. 

Marriage is what you make of it. Just like  families, careers, and even gardens need nurture, compassion, care, and discipline, so does your marriage. Invest in the growth of your union. You’ve already survived. It’s now time for you to thrive!

Adelai Brown, @theheartconnections, serves as our lead coach at Shine Army. She has coached more than 10,000 leaders live and online with companies such as Amazon, the College of Charleston, and Girl Scouts of America. Her company has also mentored over 100 youth with a focus on emotional wellness and conflict resolution. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband Kevin, loving their four children and two cats

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Your Marriage Checkup in 3 Questions

Your Marriage Checkup in 3 Questions

Your Marriage Checkup in 3 Questions

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