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The Shine Army has empowered millions around the world to elevate their impact and live their legacy. Our founder Charreah K. Jackson brings more than 15 years as a media insider and corporate leader to offer strategy and support. 

Uplevel your influence

Led by the visionary Charreah K. Jackson, we stand ready to redefine what it means to lead and succeed in the modern world.

Shine Army isn’t just a company; we are a movement dedicated to creating connection and change for leaders around the globe.

Development and implementation of training programs and policies focused on talent retention and engagement, alongside event planning for workshops and conferences.

HR Consulting Services:

In-depth business analyses with actionable recommendations for enhancing organizational communication and efficiency.

Management Consulting:

Strategic campaign management, national media representation, and robust content creation including social media and video production.

Marketing and PR Services:

Tailored executive coaching, including high-profile sessions at the United Nations, comprehensive training sessions, and innovative curriculum design.

Leadership and Professional Development:

Our Services include:

"A few hours with Charreah forever changed my business and my entire next year. During our VIP day, Charreah helped me address some hard truths about how I was playing small in my business. It was as if a new door opened for me to walk through, unapologetically. With her support, I completely revamped my plans for the year."

Executive Coach and Founder

Trina Ramsey

"Charreah hosted our virtual global training with attendees from Singapore and South Africa to Seattle. Her high energy, impactful coaching and innovative approach is original and refreshing. Charreah is able to connect across cultures and countries because authenticity and integrity are universal languages."

Coach, Facilitator and Executive Director of Momentum Education

Robinson Lynn

"Every great expert and service needs as many eyeballs on you as possible. In order to do that, you have to have the best. Charreah is just that. She’s a media strategist and gets the attention of the people who can spread your brand, expand your message, and get you out there across the world, internationally. Now, she might be busy with me, but in case she’s not, then she’ll be sure to serve you well."

Best Selling Author, Global Speaker and CEO

Lisa Nichols

"I hired Charreah and her team to provide a a comprehensive review of our curriculum. Her work was so compelling that we hired her to lead our summer training program implementing her recommendations. She spearheaded courageous conversations for growth."

Cofounder and President of Take The Lead, Bestselling Author, Forbes 50 Over 50

Gloria Feldt

Real Results

Your life and light are too special to waste playing small and simply getting by.