I’m Charreah.

Coach, strategist, author, award-winning journalist and the Mary Poppins of Impact to my clients.

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hi sunshine! Get inside.

I'm a Georgia Girl who slept in her glasses as a kid because I wanted to see my dreams.

I know the feeling of knowing there is more to life than what you can see in front of you. To wait not so patiently for those thoughts and vision in your mind to come into reality. Since transforming my own life (and getting the tattoo to honor the process), I’ve been honored to support millions around the globe to tap into the incredible life with your name on it. If I can now wake up to those dreams being my real life, so can you. Now I coach and consult with leaders across the globe, guiding them to increase their impact and unapologetically shine

From Intern to Executive . . .
In 2015 my entire life changed.

Now I coach and consult with leaders across the globe, guiding them to increase their impact and unapologetically shine



Faith > Fear
Love gets you more money.
Ice in my water.
Fire in my hustle.


Wasting your time or mine, mushy fries, playing small or pretending you aren't here to make this world even better


Strategizing with my exciting clients, trading gems in interviews, making southern vegan meals, dancing and celebrating life

daily rituals

Morning meditation, tea, dance workout featuring Lizzo and Bey, fun earrings even if I'm in sweats












Peep that Principal's List ribbon in 1st grade

A high achiever begins:

Diagnosed with cancer my sophomore year and missed a semester for treatment. That woke me up to make the most of our days. At our Howard University graduation, guest speaker Dr. Oprah Winfrey told us “Your integrity is not for sale.” Flew to New York three days later to start my first job in media.

Graduated With Oprah:

Cancer and layoff before turning 25 taught me my happiness lives in my own hands - and so does yours. Started my first business and signed my first coaching client a few months later. Trust the process. And your value.

Laid Off in the Recession:

Pushed past imposter syndrome and interviewed newsmakers from President Joe Biden and Deepak Chopra to Diddy and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hired as an Editor at ESSENCE: 

My childhood dream of being a teacher came true as as a professor and judge for six years for Disney Dreamers Academy.

Expanded my Impact with TV + Global Brands: 

Blowing the candles out on my 30th birthday cake and celebrating 10 years as a cancer survivor made me realize I deserve my dreams. Started training with master coaches like Sylvia High and Lisa Nichols. Completed more than $100,000 in personal and professional development training so far.

Woke up to owning my life:

I was in the same room as Oprah and felt unworthy to meet her. I realized my mistake and manifested a seat in the mogul’s backyard. Watch video inside our Inhale course.

Visited Oprah’s Estate:

After many rejections, I signed with one of the largest global book publishers and went on a national tour for my first book Boss Bride, which is in libraries and bookstores worldwide.

Book Published Around the World!

Made the leap full-time as a coach, consultant and speaker, including Steve Harvey’s Vault Conference. Also followed my heart, delivered my first sermon and licensed as a minister.


Shine Army is born. After 12 years in NYC, settled back into my hometown of Atlanta. More time with my amazing parents - and got my first tattoo.

New Beginnings: 

Hit one million dollars earned in communications! 

Count Your Blessings: 

Bet on you. Your heart beating is evidence there is more for you. Take the next step to pursue your dream. 

Let us be the gas in your tank to ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS.

note to you:





Manifest on Netflix

dirty chai or sparkling water

The Big Leap (. . . again)

Skating on Friday night



to my higher self!

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I grew up a round, brown girl in Decatur, GA with one dream: to teach everything I knew. I’ve grown my impact to a global platform with clients on multiple continents and a book in libraries around the world. Now it's your turn to taste the sweetness of your dreams. Our team is committed to supporting you to own your light and be legendary.

My #1 Goal:
Share Everything I Know

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