Sherri Show: My 6 Biz + Media Lessons

While in NYC, I had the chance to visit the set and taping of the new and amazing Sherri Show! It was so much fun and so excited for what Sherri is bringing to daytime TV. Here are my biggest takeaways and tips for other leaders to impact in your business. Run Your Receipts: It […]

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boudoir burlesque

Here’s how I ended up crying in my kitchen when I let an international feng shui coach review my apartment

What I Found Under My Bed That Was Blocking Love


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The first two times I was in a room with Oprah Winfrey I didn’t feel worthy to meet her. When I shifted, I magnetized a seat at her house.

How I Got to Oprah’s House After Feeling Unworthy to Meet Her


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Ready to take control of your communication? When The Today Show asked me to share effective communication tips we didn’t learn in school, I shared the four strategies that upgrade every convo

Your Instant Upgrade to Every Convo


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It’s time to graduate from just getting by and enter the thrive zone.

Your Shine Guide


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I got caught by the President of the United States of America. In his own house.

I Got Caught By The President In His House.


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