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Perle received a standing ovation from 1,000 entrepreneurs for her first business conference keynote

"As a media coach, Charreah is on fire! She helped me get ready for my national TV debut on Dr. Oz. She sees the opportunities for getting media and offers focused guidance. She also breaks down business scaling as your visibility grows. I love her enthusiasm and positivity!"

"Using Charreah's strategies has been fundamental in getting exposure in my business. I had a spread in a major magazine and was a featured expert in the New York Times. Close to 20,000 new people visited our website the day the article launched.  It brought thousands and thousands of dollars into my business. People that would have never heard of me were joining my program."

- Perle Noire

- Tsao-Lin Moy


“I used Charreah’s Seen Leader® strategies. She encouraged me to apply for business conferences - something I had never done. With her voice in my head, I applied to speak at Rachel Rodger’s ROI Millionaire Summit and was selected. When I shared my speech with Charreah she said, ‘Girl, you can do better. Go in there and bring all of you.’ Because of her, I received a standing ovation in front of a thousand entrepreneurs.”

Tsao felt confident and prepared during her national TV debut

20,000 new people visited Patricia's website from ONE media interview, generating thousands in sales

Your coach Charreah has been a featured expert for more than 100 media outlets including:

I'm Charreah!

Coach, strategist, author, award-winning journalist and the Mary Poppins of Impact to my clients

I'm a Georgia Girl who slept in her glasses as a kid because I wanted to see my dreams.

I know the feeling of knowing there is more to life than what you can see in front of you. To wait not so patiently for those thoughts and vision in your mind to come into reality. Since transforming my own life (and getting the tattoo to honor the process), I’ve been honored to support millions around the globe to tap into the incredible life with your name on it. If I can now wake up to those dreams being my real life, so can you. Now I coach and consult with leaders across the globe, guiding them to increase their impact and unapologetically shine.

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