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 "Charreah is a breath of fresh air to any room and shows you how to do the same. She offers well-seasoned bread crumbs on your way to your breathtaking future."

Lisa Nichols


Joining Charreah’s coaching program has been a game-changer! She inspired me to own my gift and show up authentically. Charreah's energy and amazing style of motivation, layered with her years of experience is a recipe for success!

Dr. Dawn DeLavallade


With a glamorous career, I worked long hours and still felt like I was running behind my own life, at the bottom of my to-do list and giving those I loved most my tired leftovers.  As a cancer survivor, I knew life was a gift that I couldn't afford to waste. I decided it was time to do something different. 

I was a high-achieving hot mess.

I had to ask myself the tough question: Are you willing to elevate from being a high-achiever to become a high-receiver?

I'll keep it real...

It's time to feel excited again and focused on your now and next. Upgrade your energy and transform your life in the next week starting right now. The Inhale Experience gives you an instant boost of energy and refreshes your ability to dream and receive. In eight transformative sessions, reclaim your peace and courage, and grow your desires and ability to achieve with ease.



Inhale includes all the actions, resources and strategies to feel in control of your life and excited for your incredible future. It's vital that you get grounded to go higher.

everything you need

Jesus had disciples. Jordan had Pippen and Jackson. Get real time support and community including live coaching every month. 


Get instant access to the Breathe Bank with more than 10 hours of powerful videos including never-published footage of your coach interviewing Oprah Winfrey in her backyard.*


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Change Your Life Today!


Recharge your energy and control over your life, day and the thoughts in your mind

It''s time to get your great life

Reach that goal in weeks that you've been talking about for years 



Wake up with energy and excitement

Look back on your past decisions and relationships with a smile (really!)


Never again worry about money or having enough and see steady increase


Elevate your life without guilt! *Oprah's tip in the Breathe Bank on how she went from rural Mississippi with an outhouse for a bathroom to billionaire status is what we will be doing in Inhale.


"Charreah gets the most out of people and is one of the most engaging coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure to hire. Do yourself a favor and work with her.”

— chris winfield

"This coaching gets you to the next level."



“Completing Charreah’s coaching program has been the best thing that has happened to me. I feel like I can dream again and that my dreams are definitely within reach. This helped ignite a fire in me that will not be quenched.” 

— Francisca Mandeya

"I feel like I can dream again."



“Charreah is a consummate professional, unwavering in her passion to empower. I’ve been honored to work alongside her on several projects. Her dedication is unparalleled.”

— Paul c. brunson

"You will leave Charreah's presence with more of your power."



Ready to stop waiting for things to get better?

Start Now!

I'm Charreah, your "stop playing small" coach.

It took me 10 years to learn how to masterfully elevate my energy to manifest my biggest blessings, which you can do in one week with this training.
I'm honored to guide powerful leaders like you to own your light, desire higher and receive the juicy life with your name on it - just like the alumni of this training and my clients around the world. 
 I’ve studied transformation and worked alongside master teachers including Sylvia High, Iyanla Vanzant, Deepak Chopra, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Susan L. Taylor. 

Welcome sunshine


If you feel you don't have time for this training, you can’t afford not to complete this to get back in control of your life and energy. This isn't a course. This is you increasing the quality of your life starting today. Inhale will support you to take back your excitement and focus to have more time for what you desire. You will complete at your own pace so it works for your lifestyle.

Excuse #1: This is not in the budget.

I have been guilty of spending more on takeout, travel, clothes and entertainment then on being the best me, inside and out. The best investment we ever make is in ourselves. Session 7 will support you to accelerate your wealth and dreams with ease (like me trying to smize in Italy above) and retire forever from feeling you can't afford what you desire. 

Boldly strutting toward what you want can set off that inner hater in your head like a fire alarm.

After coaching thousands of leaders, I've seen a lot of regret for wasting time living beneath your greatness. The first step starts now with stepping over any excuses that may pop up including:

Excuse #2: I don't have time for yet another course.

Excuse #3: I’m already  thriving in every area of my life.

First off, YAY. Second, don’t you deserve to go even further? And what if there was a version of yourself you have yet to meet and a life bigger than you currently imagine? The work of elevating never ends. 

The clearest evidence that this is for you is the fact that you are reading this sentence. Out of the trillions of pages on Beyonce’s internet, you've been guided here. Your desire to go higher and unlock more of life had me and this program come to you. Take the next step.

(insert excuse)

A note to the hater in your head

Take charge of your life right now

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enjoy instant access to the entire program

Get support starting now

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When you log in to our online studio, you'll be able to see and experience all the sessions + our exclusive bonuses. Go to sleep tonight with more energy and excitement.

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20 lbs.

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 This program features eight transformative sessions with life-changing actions you can do in less than an hour to instantly increase your energy You can complete at your own pace.

Training breakdown

This historic year is still yours for the taking. Reclaim your future and create the track to get you there.

Session 1

Grab your power back from your past and your fears. This session helps you  let go and instantly lighten your energy.

session 2

You deserve everything you desire. Assign your newly freed energy to your deepest desires. 

Session 3

Build your confidence that you can do anything with this personalized evidence of your incredible ability. 

session 4

It's time to be all of you everywhere. Embrace everything that makes you YOU and take control of your journey.

Session 5

You've arrived at the secret weapon to instantly elevate any experience. Get the remedy to feel wealthy and royal at any moment.

session 6

Catch! It's time to master the simple way to manifest and finally receive support with a smile.

Session 7

Welcome to your refresh with energy and focus. Lock in your new vibration for sustainable success.

session 8

There's a higher life waiting on you.

You didn't survive a global pandemic to stay in the same habits keeping you stuck. The world is rapidly changing and how you respond decides how your one life will go. 

Pic from a flight to Paris:)

You've gotten yourself far.
And this is as far as your current strategy will take you. To get to new levels of peace and success you will have to do something new now.

You don't need to spend more hours working or learn a new business strategy. There is another way to accelerate your goals and increase your joy with ease. When you make the bold step to tap into the info in this training, your life will forever be changed and charged with tools to instantly elevate your energy and your reality.

Your future depends on what you decide today.

I gotta ask you the tough question: How much more time do you plan to spend living a life beneath what you are meant for?

let's keep it Real ...

Ready to reclaim your drive and accelerate your dreams with ease?

You deserve it.