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Your coach Charreah has been a featured expert for more than 50 media outlets including:

"As my coach Charreah has been on fire! She sees the opportunities for getting media and offers focused guidance. She also breaks down business scaling as your visibility grows!”

— Tsao-Lin Moy

"Charreah helped me get ready for my national TV debut."



“Completing Charreah’s coaching program has been the best thing that has happened to me. I feel like I can dream again and that my dreams are definitely within reach. This helped ignite a fire in me that will not be quenched.” 

— Francisca Mandeya

"I feel like I can dream again."



Retire your side-eye for the mediocre people in your field and take the bold step to stand out

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Because I had owned my story and stood out from the crowd. 

It’s time for you to do the same. Because the world wants to hear your  expertise with your own signature sauce. (mine is like BBQ - sweet with spice). Get your custom strategy as I unlock more than 15 years of experience and 500 interviews to chisel your signature message with you. 

Leave the crowd behind to get seen and heard.

(here's the Steve Harvey interview if you want to hear that bio;)

After reading my bio Steve Harvey said "wow."

I gotta ask you the tough question:
How much more time do you plan to spend living a life beneath what you are meant for?

it's true . . .

I'm Charreah, your "stop playing small" coach.

If you are ready to go from overlooked to in demand, I can help you get there.

Known for my direct and energetic approach, I'm here to hold up a mirror to how incredible you are and chisel out the story the world is hungry to hear from you. support you in boldly moving beyond anything in the way of you having the life and legacy you deserve.

It took me years and thousands of dollars in training to unlock the steps and systems you will learn in this training.  I'm honored to guide powerful leaders like you to own your light, desire higher and receive the juicy life with your name on it - just like the alumni of this training and my clients around the world. I've had the honor to empower millions through my content, coaching and keynotes. I'm committed to your success.

Who's waiting on you to step up?

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 "Charreah is a consummate professional, unwavering in her passion to empower. I’ve been honored to work alongside her on several projects. Her dedication is unparalleled.”

Paul C. Brunson


Joining Charreah’s coaching program has been a game-changer! She inspired me to own my gift and show up authentically. Her energy and years of experience is a recipe for success!

Dr. Dawn DeLavallade


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